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Life on Janet's Planet

Who Am I?


2 years, 156 pounds lost

Hey there, Welcome to Janet's Planet
I am a 35 year old woman currently claiming Orange County, CA as my home.  I've enjoyed residing in 13 different Orange County cities and plan to keep this area as my home.
I decided to create a website to help share my WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) journey with anyone interested.   I have really enjoyed reading other websites and journals and hope that something I share will be inspiring to someone else.

Hallo Internet world!   I am a girl who likes her barbeque sauce sweet and her life spicy.   I think that challenges in life just add to the ultimate story.  Do you like fiesty, red-headed, red-blooded Irish American women who aren't afraid to speak their minds?   Then you are my new best friend.  Look around my site and read more about me.   This is a no-holds-barred site.  I spill my guts on here.   Get to know me and sign my guestbook.

2 years post op: down 156 pounds, 10 pants sizes