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Life on Janet's Planet
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February 2003 Pre-op

My Journal for February 2003 (Pre-op)

I had my pre-op today too...  I just loved drinking that barium.  Yum.  I almost threw up on the table, but I made myself keep it in because no way was I drinking it again.
I had the following:
A uninalysis and pregnancy test
about 7 vials of blood drawn for CBC, Thyroid, Hepatitis, HIV and a couple of others I don't remember
A gallbladder ultrasound
A chest Xray
An Upper GI
A Pulmonary Function Test
And an Arterial Blood Gas
Fun fun fun.   Took half the day off for the tests then back to work with the barium rocks in my stomach.
I asked the nurse what would be a show stopper and she said elevated TSH for thyroid, UTI or raised White Blood cell count.   I think the only thing I am worred about is the TSH.  I take thyroid but sometimes it tests high and sometimes not.  I'll find out my results on Thursday.  Also, I am hoping for gallstones because I have frequent right upper quadrant pain and I'd like to be able to say that's what it is and be done with it. 
I was fighting a cold two weeks ago which turned into a sinus infection.  I just finished antibiotics on Sunday so hopefully the WBC is good, but I did wake up today with a scratchy throat, I am hoping it is just allergies or from having the window open as I sleep.  I really don't want anything getting in my way right now.  I am sure you can all relate.
Oh, and I have lost 10 pounds since my consult weight...  woo hoo.

Well, tomorrow is my big day.  I am finishing up my packing and getting ready.  I took my Milk of Magnesia this morning and I am on a clear liquid diet all day, so no more last meals.  I was supposed to go out last night with my boyfriend to celebrate an early valentine's day.  I talked to him at 5:30 and he was on his way over.  He never showed up.  I don't know what has happened to him.  I am caught up in both worry and anger.   I don't know whether to be worried that something may have happened or angry that he flaked on me for a very important day.   I can't find him or get in touch with him.  At this point, I have decided there's nothing more I can do and I have to focus on me and let it go.   I will know more in a few days, but I have to have my surgery and be in the best shape/mood I can be for that.  So that is where I am right this second.  I am going tonight to stay with my parents.  They'll be taking me to the hospital in the morning, then I will be staying with them after the surgery.   So, I'll update once again when I get home.  Good luck and best wishes to everyone else.  Thanks to all who have left messages of support.