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Life on Janet's Planet
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The Story of Anthony

The Story of Anthony

Anthony Ryan Weinmann is my (now) 6 year old nephew, and constantly a source of inspiration to me.

Me and Anthony, February 2001

At my 35th Birthday party, April 2003

Anthony at a wedding, April 2003

Summer 2002

Christmas morning

1996 was one of the worst years on record for me.  I had lost a job, changed careers, was still finding it hard to find my feet in the new career, and lost a friend to AIDS.  So much happened in just a few short weeks.  I found it hard to let anyone in, to accept love or friendship from anyone.   I wasn't looking forward to 1997 at all.   On February 1st, 1997, my nephew Anthony was born.  When I held that little boy for the first time, my heart just melted.  I loved him so much, I never even knew I could love that much.   He opened my heart back up.  It was a long journey after that to let people in and trust people again, but Anthony was the starting point.  I still love that little boy, I can't believe how big he is now.  He always puts a smile on my face.