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Life on Janet's Planet
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My Pictures

Here are some pictures of my life, and me with friends.

Modeling for a friend's website, November 2000

Below is my incision at 7 weeks..  it looks less red in person.  The camera can be a strange beast.



My face! September, 1999

This is me and my best friend, Char, April 2003

Me on a little vacation getaway.. my new boyfriend!


Here's what 35 looks like...   8 weeks post op


A before and after picture. Although the before pic was taken 25 lighter than my pre-surgery weight

This is a picture of me and my alien love child
AKA "The Hernia"

On a Swamp tour in Louisiana

I finally got a digital camera so I'll be adding pictures more often...  Unfortunately, I can't find my regular camera and it had a roll of film in it that contained the picture taken right before surgery, but I have some other pics that are getting developed that will make good before shots.   Look for them soon.